Valentines Day!

Valentines day is upon us again! As always I found myself doing the last minute rush to organise something for my loved one and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Being in a four year relationship it can be hard at times to try and figure out what to do for that loved one but to me its that …

My WishList

As every normal male would, I have a few things that I wish I could have right now but just can’t afford it unless I win the Lotto in the next few days. Mainly it’s all elecrtical gadgets and stuff but hey who wouldn’t want the things that I have listed. I’m not being extravagant with my wishes I’m sure …

Xbox Softmod has been postponed

Well that little project didnt last very long mainly because of unforseen financial obligations that has come up. I think I will still perform the softmod some time this week but the hard drive upgrade wont happen for another few weeks or so, lets just hope that once it has been completed I will only have to buy a new …

Xbox softmod Project

biting the bullet and crash diving head first in the attempt to not fully dismantle my beloved Xbox for further enhancement

Fight Club

Love to see someone getting knocked the fuck out! Only when they deserved but then again I dont know who these people are so I dont really know if they do deserve it or not. Either way its compelling to watch

Kama Sutra to strike today

Today is D-Day for a dangerous computer virus which has spread throughout the world via email and is programmed to destroy PC files on February 3.

Damn these Vending Machines!

Here I am again on my last night shift before my 4 days off, its almost 1 am and I’m still wide awake. Must have something to do with the two cans of V that I’ve dranked in the last 5 hours. I’ll see how I feel in another 3 hours. I can’t remember if I have already posted that …

Wheelchair-bound man forced to crawl to car

Brothers Tony and Ross Costa will be issued a personal apology from Westfield.
Brothers Tony (l) and Ross Costa (r) will be given a personal apology from Westfield after Ross was forced to crawl through the Fountain Gate carpark.

Analyze Me!

The other night I was talking to a friend of my girlfriend and I asked her to tell me what her perception of me was. Even though I havent seen her all that much during the four years that I have been with my girlfriend, I figured that surely she has heard a few things about me, anyways the bottom …