Error Code 80072745 – MSN + NOD32 fix

There are plenty of fixes for this particular error, some are going back to 2005 but none of those even came close to fixing my issue. Trying to log in behind a proxy and providing authentication details didn’t seem to fix issue even though it was testing as “passed” on connection troubleshooter.

I considered the Nod32 AV last on the list as being the culprit since I didn’t think it had any firewall components but in fact that was the issue in the first place, there were no firewall rules blocking my connection but it was being filtered as a web connection. Here was my fix for it.

1. Click on Nod32 tray icon and click on Open Window
2. Make sure your Display Mode is Advanced to bring up the advanced options.

3. Click on Setup > Antivirus & Antispyware

4. Under Web Access Protection Click on Configure

5. This will bring up another window, under Exclusions add the path to your Windows Live Messenger executable eg. C:Program FilesWindows LiveMessengermsnmsgr.exe

6. Click on Protocol Filtering > Excluded Applications > Tick the Windows Live Messenger option

7. Click on Ok and minimize NOD32 > Try to connect with Windows Live Messenger…

That’s more Errors.