List of FreeNas Commands

Here are some helpful FreeNas (freebsd) commands that I always seem to forget when I need them most. Hope they can help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Audi Q7 & Textar Ceramic Brake Pads

I booked the Q7 in at BWA Seven Hills last Monday for the following works to be done: Front rotors – giving these Sebro a try Front and rear pads – decided to go with the Textar Ceramics. All sensors to be replaced. I was looking at around $1500 for the job which in hindsight was actually quite close to …

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Apple’s Slide to Upgrade bug

Using Donna’s iPad Mini running iOS 7.1.2 as a guinea pig for my upgrade to iOS 9 is turning out to be a complete nightmare. The iPad became stuck in the dreaded Slide to Upgrade screen where it’s just showing a white screen and the words Slide To Upgrade but you cannot do anything on the screen. I wasn’t able …

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How to show Library in personal folder MAC OS X

When trying to find the path to the Library folder while trying to backup my Kodi user data, I realised that the Library folder is hidden when navigating to the path manually. Previously I was able to display it by simply going to Finder>GO> Then holding the option key which reveals the Library option on the drop down. If you …

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2016 Audi Q7

The brand new Audi Q7 has been announced and after almost a decade, the 2nd generation of the flagship SUV from Audi will hit our shores in September. At this stage the jury is still out on the exterior design but the interior seems to excite almost everyone with it’s virtual cockpit dashboard design. As an existing owner of the …

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Macbook Pro’s are no longer affordable

Being one of the affected users of the MacBook Pro 2011 gpu issue, I swore to myself that my Mid-2012 MacBook Pro will be the last one I ever own. Since last Sunday however Apple may have redeemed themselves by announcing the repair program and fixing my 2011 MacBook within 48 hours. I’ve since sold that MacBook to a friend …

iOS 8 Sluggish?

For me there is nothing good about new iOS releases unless I’m the guy who always have the latest and greatest devices from Apple. Unfortunately we all don’t live in that world of yearly device upgrade and are usually 1-2 generation models behind. Since upgrading to the new iOS 8 my iPhone 5, iPad 3rd gen and iPad Air has …

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Excel 2013 Tips

Ctrl + Shift + F1 – This command toggles Full screen and Ribbon Tabs. Ctrl + F2 – Print Preview Ctrl + 1 – Activate Format Cells Dialog box Alt + ;(semicolon) – Select Visible Cells Only Ctrl + Shift + L – Activate/Deactivate Filtering